High-quality screws FOR SOLID FOUNDATIONS

High-quality screws FOR SOLID FOUNDATIONS


Foundation screws, as the name suggests, are gigantic screws that are driven into the ground using specialized equipment, providing a perfect alternative to concrete. Essentially, you can have a piece of concrete as support for your project or galvanized steel micro-piles with threaded shafts that can support several tons of load, are installed immediately, without disruption, and are reusable or recyclable. Imagine a foundation that you can reuse and reconfigure as you wish, without losing value.

Foundation screws are rapidly becoming the foundations of the future due to their practical, environmental, and financial advantages.

How are they made?

Foundation screws are manufactured from high-quality S235 JR steel, adhering to the stringent standards of EN 1090-1+A1, ensuring durability and long-term strength.

To prevent corrosion and ensure a long lifespan, they are coated with a generous layer of zinc measuring 82 μm, in accordance with TS EN ISO 1461.

The threads of the screws have a width of 15/20 mm and a thickness of 3 mm, guaranteeing a solid and secure anchorage in the ground.



They can be reused countless times without compromising their qualities or functionality.


The raw materials are recyclable and are reused to create new products.


After initial use, they are revalued and put back on the market.

De ce suruburile noastre?

Căutați o fundație simplă dar solidă pentru proiectul dvs.? Șuruburile noastre de pământ sunt cea mai bună alegere pentru a instala o fundație pentru construcția dvs. fără utilizarea betonului. Simplu dar solid.



Hexagonal flange with six holes and an M16 thread in the center provides a stable base for mounting and supporting elements such as flanges, brackets, foundations, or other forms with a flat base.

Screw fastening system ideal for pipes and elements with circular or rectangular sections.

Specially designed for quick and easy installation of beams and other elements with rectangular sections.

Ventilated foundation

The ventilated foundation on screw-in micro-piles is an efficient solution for the foundation of residential or commercial buildings. This system combines a ventilated reinforced concrete slab with a system of screw-in steel micro-piles capable of bearing 5000 kg/m² and able to withstand challenging geotechnical conditions. The polypropylene formwork contributes to ventilation by separating the building from the ground and eliminating thermal bridging. This allows for moisture removal and attenuation of radon gas, ensuring high energy performance. The system is modular, with a configurable profile for any type of construction. Cellular glass can be used as a material under the foundation to eliminate thermal bridging with the ground.

      Photovoltaic systems

      Photovoltaic systems mounted with screw-in metal micro-piles provide an efficient and sustainable solution for generating electricity from renewable sources. They are easy to install, with precise costs and fully reusable. These systems adapt to various types of terrain and allow significant cost savings on installation, offering a more advantageous alternative to traditional methods of solar panel mounting.

      Bridges and docks

      Durable and efficient solution with a series of significant advantages. These include quick installation due to no need for site preparation, durability through the use of high-quality materials, and adaptability to extreme environmental conditions. Installation with screw-in metal micro-piles eliminates excavation costs and reduces the need for material transportation and handling. The systems are flexible and can accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes, offering a more convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional methods of fixing bridges and docks.

          Stairs, gazebos, and fences

          From wooden privacy fences to temporary fences for construction industries and events, ground screws provide a durable, permanent yet detachable and reusable foundation for all fence needs. Rapid installation without the need for concrete foundations or post holes, our solutions dramatically reduce labor and material costs while minimizing environmental impact. No digging, alignment, or concrete pouring required.

          Traffic signs

          Road markings installed with screw-in metal micro-piles provide a durable, safe, and efficient solution for clear delineation of road routes. Benefits of this mounting method include quick on-site installation, superior mechanical strength, and the possibility of reuse and recycling.


          This modular foundation is made from high-quality timber, offering an environmentally friendly and aesthetic solution for your construction projects. Adaptable to various module sizes, it fits perfectly for both small-scale and larger constructions.

          Assembly of this foundation can be done in a DIY (Do It Yourself) manner, giving homeowners the opportunity to actively participate in their own project construction. Alternatively, we also offer professional installation services, ensuring quick and efficient setup.


          The LSF foundation represents a modern and durable option for any type of structure. Constructed from galvanized cold-formed steel, it provides remarkable strength and stability, adapting to different configurations and module sizes. It is ideal for those seeking a safe and long-lasting solution, suitable for residential as well as commercial constructions.

          With the option for DIY assembly or through our professional services, the LSF foundation installs quickly, ensuring a solid and reliable base for your project.


          Sturdy and robust with excellent durability, the steel foundation is the ideal solution for projects requiring support for heavy loads. Designed to offer superior strength and longevity, it is composed of various module sizes.

          It is an excellent choice for industrial, commercial, and residential constructions. The steel foundation can be installed either in a DIY manner or by our team of professionals, ensuring precise and rapid installation.

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